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خدمات السياراتشحن السيارات الكهربائيه
  • Prime Group was founded in 1995 and started activities in the Import and Export field.
  • In 1999, Prime Group was appointed as an authorized distributor by SIEMENS Home Appliances in Egypt.
  • In 2004 Prime Group started activities in the telecom market as a distributor for mobile phones and GSM products.
  • In 2006 “Modern Distribution was established and was appointed a business partner for “Etisalat” responsible for distributing its products all over Egypt.
  • In 2008, Modern Distribution became a business partner for “Masary” which is the first branded payment service in Egypt. Masary was acquired by the the group in 2012.
  • In 2010, Prime Distribution was established and appointed as a “Go forward” partner for Shell Egypt Lubricants.
  • In 2011, “Prime for Manufacturing was established for manufacturing Prime Home appliances.
  • In 2019, Prime distributions assigned as official distributor of GEWISS products in Egypt.
  • In 2020, Prime Distribution has become the exclusive distributor for Ipro Mobile Products.
  • In 2020, Prime Distribution has become the exclusive partner for GEWISS EV Chargers.
  • In 2021, Prime started the establishment of its EV charging network PRIME-EV.